Celebrating the Stars and Stripes

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To celebrate Flag Day on June 14, second-grade students in Ashley Marrazzo’s class at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School visited kindergartners in Natalia Brite’s class to sing patriotic songs and complete a holiday craft.

Leading up to the day, students in their respective classes learned about the importance of the holiday and what the stars and stripes on the flag represent. In the holiday spirit, students arrived to school dressed in red, white and blue.

Working in pairs, second-graders helped the kindergartners create an American flag using construction paper, scissors, glue and a white crayon to draw the stars. In union, the students sang songs including “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “God Bless the U.S.A.” while they proudly waved their American flags in the air. Three second-graders made their way to the front of the classroom where they explained why they are proud to be an American.

To conclude the activity, the second-graders and kindergartners enjoyed interacting with one another while eating a special snack.