Exploring Literacy Through the Forest

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During the school’s literacy night on Jan. 21, students in grades K-2 at Deauville Gardens East Elementary School participated in an interactive read aloud and craft activity.

Teachers welcomed students as they arrived to the event dressed in their favorite pajamas and slippers. To the students’ excitement, they received a sneak peak into the book they would read as they walked down the hallway through colorful streamers that represented the forest, grass, snowstorm and mud.

To kick off the night, teachers read the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” by Michael Rosen. As they listened to the story, students used arm motions and made sounds that went along with the words in the book. Following the read aloud, teachers led the students through a sequencing activity.

Inspired by the story, students used crayons, construction paper, popsicles and paper plates to create their own handheld mask in the shape of a bear face.