E-Sports Team Goes Live

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Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School’s e-sports club gives students the chance to compete against players near and far in a virtual setting. While the club just launched in early March, the e-sports team has a new classroom that was transformed into their online gaming headquarters.
Run by Copiague Middle School teacher Stephen DiGiorgio, high school students have the opportunity to join the club. Ten new gaming computer setups were installed thanks to the help of the district’s director of technology Kelly Urraro. In addition to the computer setups, a room was renovated in the back of Mr. DiGiorgio’s classroom and transformed into a gaming room or e-sports room.
“It is an impressive sight to say the least,” said Mr. DiGiorgio. “It is not a big room by any means, but the amount of technology that is crammed in there is nothing short of amazing.” After the equipment was set up and ready to go, the team was registered to compete against other schools in league competition called PlayVs.
“This is an incredible league that has close ties with game developers and even big name media outlets like ESPN,” Mr. DiGiorgio said. “PlayVs has three games they offer leagues for right now: League of Legends, Rocket League and Smite. Currently, I have one League of Legends team (five players per team) and three Rocket League teams (three players per team). The league plans to add the very popular Fortnite to competitions next year. I know there are hundreds of kids at Copiague who would go above and beyond to compete in their favorite game.”
Unfortunately, the Copiague team was only able to compete for two weeks, but during that short time one of the Rocket League teams was experiencing great success by going undefeated in all of their scheduled matches (3-0). “My other teams are still learning the ins and outs of competitive play, but one thing is for sure: these kids are excited about doing what they love on a competitive level,” Mr. DiGiorgio said.