Newest Members Join Voice to Voice Leadership

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Bringing its membership total to 24, Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School held its voice to voice leadership induction ceremony for the 2020 cohort in the school’s library.
Ten female students were inducted during the ceremony, presented by Walter G. O’ Connell Copiague High School Assistant Principal Tamika Eason. As each new members’ name was called, they were presented with a certificate and a string of pearls, which were placed around their neck by a current member. 
The goal of the organization is to help young females find their inner strength and power. The mission of the initiative is to motivate and empower one another through teamwork and conversation. It was developed to provide opportunities for young women to gain awareness of their individual and collection skills, experiences and professional goals.
The following students were inducted into the voice to voice leadership: Kiran Ahmad, Tessa Bartoli, Jayleen Garcia, Yessica Hernandez-Garcia, Steycie Louis, Myra Mendoza-Rodriguez, Zuri Milliner, Blanca Reyes, Cathrine Sakin and Brianna Sammy. The new inductees recited the leadership pledge and joined with existing members in circle to close out the ceremony.