‘Snow’ Much Fun at Susan E. Wiley

‘Snow’ Much Fun at Susan E. Wiley photo thumbnail162628

It was an indoor snow day for the first graders at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School when they celebrated the white weather with plenty of hands-on lessons.

Dressed in their warmest pajamas, students started the day by reading snow-themed books and practicing their writing and math skills with snow-based activities. As a science experiment, the students hypothesized about whether or not oil and water in a mason jar could mix together or stay separated. The resulting experiment, with a bit of added glitter, created a snowstorm in a jar. 

Using baking soda and hair conditioner, the students even made their own snow inside the classroom. Snow paint was created using  flour, salt and water, which results in a fluffy art creation. Before the students had a chance to snack on cheesy snowballs, they ended the day’s activities with an indoor snowball fight. Each student wrote a kind message on a piece of paper. They crumbled their papers, tossed them at each other and read aloud the positive messages at the end of the snowball fight.