Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA Festival

Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA Festival  thumbnail161830

More than two dozen of Copiague School District’s finest student-musicians have been selected to participate in the annual Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association’s All-County Festival. The Division I and II concerts will take place on March 15 at St. Anthony’s High School and Division II is scheduled for March 14 at St. Anthony’s High School. The district congratulates the following student-musicians:

Copiague Middle School
Hannah Alara, band (clarinet, Division I)
Madison Aquafredda, band (percussion, Division I)
Ashani Barnes, band (trumpet/cornet, Division I)
Shenn Barredo, orchestra (flute, Division II)
Adrianna Carbajal, band (trumpet/cornet, Division I)
Audrey Curto, chorus (children’s voice, Division I)
Raisaun Gibson, band (trombone, Division I)
Adam Guglielmelli, chorus (alto, Division II)
Maciej Grzegorzek, chorus (soprano, Division II)
Julianna Milonas, band (alto sax, Division II)
Analiz Rosario, chorus (children’s voice, Division I)
Shawn Smaldon, chorus (baritone, Division II)
Theresa Soraire, band (clarinet, Division II)
Arianna Townsend, band (trumpet/cornet, Division I)
Victoria Wheby, orchestra (violin, Division II)

Deauville Gardens East Elementary
Juliana Heckman, band (clarinet, Division I)

Deauville Gardens West Elementary
Noelly Linares, band (flute, Division I)

Great Neck Road Elementary 
Santiago Taveras, band (flute, Division I)
Ava Villalobos, band (clarinet, Division I)

Susan E. Wiley Elementary 
Veronica Karwowska, band (trumpet/cornet, Division I)
Kasper Sztabinski, band (baritone, Division I)

Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School
Jennifer Calderon, band (baritone, Division III)
Nathaneal Jean, band (alto sax, Division III)
Valeria Padilla, chorus (alto, Division III)
Brianna Sammy, chorus (alto, Division III)
Alice Sztabinski, band (flute, Division III)
Dominique Tetlak, band (flute, Division III)